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We can help finance, train and support women entrepreneurs in your community.

Women’s Enterprise Centre is the leading business resource for BC women who are starting, growing or buying a business. Funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada, our non-profit organization, with offices in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria, is focused on enabling all existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs in BC to be full contributors to the economy.

The business case

  • Over 146,000 women own and operate businesses in BC
  • Women are starting businesses at a greater rate than men, but fewer women are building high-growth companies
  • Women-owned businesses generate half the revenues of male-owned businesses, yet their net profit is 89% of male-owned firms

This is the economic gender gap: the gap in economic growth caused by less-than-optimum participation of women in the economy.
And it presents an unprecedented opportunity for growth.

Collaborative approach to serving BC women

We partner with local business service providers, associations and women’s business networks to bring our services to communities throughout BC such as yours. We add value to your members and clients by complementing your current offerings with services designed to meet the unique needs of women in business. Partner with us to support YOUR clients with:

WEC can provide your female clients with access to many networks and ...bodies.

Proud co-chair of the WEB Alliance

In 2009, Women’s Enterprise Centre co-founded the WEB Alliance of Women’s Business Networks, a consortium of women's business groupsrepresenting over 10,000 women in business throughout BC. The WEB Alliance serves as a resource for professional women’s groups and women in business and the trades to connect, elevate and educate the business community to create change towards better business, stronger communities and an enhanced business culture for women.

National and International linkages

We are proud to be founders of Women's Enterprise Organizations of Canada ( We are a member of the national Taskforce for Women's Business Growth and provide certification for WBE Canada and WEConnect International.




Over the years we have been recognized for our accomplishments, knowledge of entrepreneurship and small business support   We have been pivotal in startign projects and networks that further the opportunities for women in buisiness across BC and the country


Let’s work together to support women in business in BC

Contact us today to explore our partnership options!

Business Loans & Advisory Services
Cecilia Mkondiwa

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Training & Mentoring
Kerrilee Auger

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Events & Sponsorships
Sandra Bird

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Our business services can help you to increase the competitiveness of local businesses, create jobs, nurture attractive sectors and facilitate new business development.

Access to Small Business Financing

Bundled with free, ongoing business guidance, training and mentoring, our bsuiness loans of up to $150k can help women:

  • Start, grow or buy a business
  • Develop new domestic and international markets
  • Enhance productivity and take advantage of growth opportunities

Special considerations for immigrants, aboriginals, and youth may apply.

When should you partner with or refer to us?

You may wish to refer a client to WEC for services when:

  • You want to share the risk with another lender
  • You can’t advance additional funds but they need financing to move forward



Business Name

Business Description


Angela Nagy GreenStep Solutions Sustainability consultant that helps SMEs reduce their environmental impacts and create profitable sustainability strategies.

Community Futures

Cheryl Smith HortyGirl Importer/exporter, manufacturer and wholesaler of living decor. BDC
Inna Shekhtman Red Dog Deli Raw Food Company Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of high-quality raw pet food. Partners for Growth
Lisa Will Stonz Wear Manufacturer of children’s outdoor gear that is sold in more than 400 stores in Canada and exported to the US and Europe. Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)
Jessica Farrow Honey + Garlic Health Studio Multi-disciplinary health clinic with a focus on delivering wellness in a beautiful space. Futurpreneur Canada


Skills Training & Workshops

Customized Course Partnerships

Women’s Enterprise Centre workshops are an excellent option for busy entrepreneurs who want to develop essential business skills. Created to specifically address women business owners’ learning styles and their desire to connect and collaborate with one another, our workshops are offered across BC.

Our training features:

  • Practical, applicable skills that are 100% relevant to the successful operation of a small business
  • A range of subjects known to be pivotal to small business success
  • Different learning approaches, including live workshops, webinars, teleconferences and self-directed study

Covering a wide range of business topics, these effective, success-oriented workshops are developed by industry experts to help business owners develop practical, applied skills. Workshop topics include:

Starting Your Business

  • So, You Want to be an Entrepreneur?
  • Going Solo! For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


  • Social Media: Love It or Hate It, But in Busines - Use it!
  • 6 Keys to Common Sense Marketing
  • Focused Marketing: Targeted Effort, Tangible Results

Growing Your Business

  • Grow Your Business So It's Right for YOU!
  • Setting new Goal Posts: Growing Your Business froma Tactical Perspective
  • Ready, Set, Grow! Preparing to Grow Your Business
  • Doing business With The Government of Canada


  • Keeping Good Employees on Board
  • Bridging the Generational Divide
  • HR Basics


  • Financial Understanding
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Bootcamp
  • Increasing Your Profits

Personal Development

  • Stepping Up: Uncover Your True Leadership Potential
  • Mindset
  • Taking the Stage

Sales Strategy

  • Power of One


Workshop Community Partner
Increasing Your Profits Vancouver OSME
Focused Marketing Langley Westminster Savings Credit Union
Stepping Up: Uncover Your True Leadership Potential Fort St. John North Peace Economic Development Commission
6-Part Growing Your Business Series Vancouver

Chamber of Learning Network
BC Micro Business Training
Thompson Rivers University

HR for Non-profits Kelowna Vantage Point
Financial Bootcamp: Tax & accounting for Small Business Victoria


Financial Bootcamp for Small Business


2 Community Futures
3 Chambers of Commerce
Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council
College of the Rockies
Kootenay Association for Science & Technology

Publications & Resources

Save time and money with our do-it-yourself training for busy entrepreneurs. Our series of Learning Guides and Workbooks can help any entrepreneur gain new business skills without leaving the comfort of their home. If you have questions along the way, our Business Advisors are available to provide additional support. In addition to WEC also offers a comprehensive resouce library, with over 100 publications and multimedia files.

Free Resource Guides

  • Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship
  • Starting Your Business
  • Growing Your Business

Learning Guides for Purchase

  • Creating Your Business Plan Workbook:
  • A Step By Step Guide to Your Business Success
  • Focused Marketing: Targeted Effort, Tangible Results
  • Financial Understanding for Small Business
  • Financial Management for Small Business


Business Advisory Services & Business Plan Reviews

Business Guidance

Our team of professional advisors provides guidance to entrepreneurs in all stages of business, including:

  • For start-ups: Business plan and cash flow projection reviews, resources, and free “Starting Your Business Info Session”
  • For growth-oriented businesses: Market access, growth and export support, trade missions and diversity certifications

As a result of our business services, our clients’ success rate after 5 years is 75% — 50% above the national average.

Affordable Business Plan Reviews

A business plan review from Women’s Enterprise Centre is an effective way to ensure that your female clients have a business plan which is of the standard you require in order to make a lending decision. As lenders ourselves, we know what other lenders and investors need to know to have comfort in making a financing decision.

If you refer a client to us for a business plan review (at a cost to the client of $220), our Business Advisors will spend up to 3 one-hour sessions with the client and provide both verbal and written feedback, outlining in detail what needs to be done to make their business plan complete.

Export Support

Many business owners recognize the growth opportunities of importing and exporting, but they’re overwhelmed by the prospect of learning about the rules, regulations, permissions and approvals required.

Women’s Enterprise Centre is pleased to offer Import/Export Advisory and Training services to take the fear out of expanding businesses internationally. All of our Import/Export services can be customized or expanded to serve your clents precise needs.

Women's Enterprise Centre import/export advisory and training services include:

  • Export Advisory Services
  • Import Advisory Services
  • Combined Import/Export Advisory Services
  • Follow-up Advisory Services
  • Workshops

Mentoring Connections

Mentoring from experienced business owners helps new entrepreneurs to improve their decision-making, build confidence, gain business knowledge, develop a growth mindset and increase productivity. Our award-winning Mentoring Program includes four programming options:

  • Peer Mentoring Groups
  • One-to-One Mentoring
  • Free Mentor Advisory Forums on popular
  • business topics
  • Taking the Stage® Leadership Training


Events & Sponsorships

Women's Enterprise Centre, along with our provincial partners, hosts a number of small business events and workshops throughout the year. We also partner with women's business organizations to host special events for women entrepreneurs.


Event Community Partner
Catalyst for Growth

Prince George
Price Rupert

59 partners and sponsors around BC, including:

  • Premier's Women's Economic Council
  • Women in BIZ Network
  • Kelowna women in Business
  • Northcoast Women in Business
BC Women Lead Business and Leadership Conference Kelowna BC Women Lead
Northwest Growth Conference Prince Rupert

Hecate Straight Employment Development Society
Community Futures Pacific Northwest
Price Rupert & Port Edward EDC

Spark Leadership Conference Fort St. John North Peace Economic Development Commission

Let’s work together to support women in business in BC

Contact us today to explore our partnership options!

Business Loans & Advisory Services
Cecilia Mkondiwa

1.800.643.7014 ext. 203
Training & Mentoring
Kerrilee Auger

1.800.643.7014 ext. 107
Events & Sponsorships
Sandra Bird

1.800.643.7014 ext. 101