Theresa Siochowicz, The Welder Chic, Victoria

Loan Client

As a single mom, Siochowicz figured that running her own business would give her the flexibility to raise her child. “I was drawn to self-employment because I would have my freedom, my own hours, and control over all my decisions,” says Siochowicz. “I work better and more efficiently for myself because I’m very self-motivated when it’s for me!”

Now known to many in the Victoria area as The Welder Chic, Siochowicz has run her business as an independent welder and fabricator for just over two years. She has no doubt that self-employment was the right path. “There is no way I could ever work for anyone else ever again. My self-confidence is great and growing all the time.”

The challenge of running her own business and improving her skills keeps Siochowicz on her toes. “I see my challenges as opportunities for growth and make learning lessons in personal growth a big part of my day,” says Siochowicz. “I am always looking for new ways to better myself and my business—ways to excel and create a better life.”

Now instead of being dominated by work, Siochowicz has the control and imagination to make her business fit her lifestyle. The constant challenges of self-employment keep her interested, and the satisfaction of her customers is a personal reward.

Siochowicz’s advice to future entrepreneurs: “Remember that most people’s pessimism about entrepreneurship comes from their own fears, projected onto you. Lots of people don’t take the risk and will sit on the fence about things. Don’t be that kind of person; challenge yourself because it’s you who reaps the benefits of your risks. Visualize what it is you want and just go for it.”