Amyn Rajan, Rajan Holdings Inc, Vancouver


Amyn Rajan is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in mobile, BI, OLAP, data access, data analytics, cloud, and Big Data. Over 20 years, he has built 2 very successful companies, both with very positive exits for his shareholders. He has built great teams who have built amazing products with focus on making their customers and partners very successful. His companies have sold software to great companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, SAP, and Teradata which have been successfully sold to their customers.

Along the way of building great companies, he has also invested in local communities. Rajan and his businesses have created high paying jobs in Vancouver and also invested heavily in the local universities to educate leaders of tomorrow. His businesses have paid special attention to women in technology and have endowed various scholarships at SFU, UBC, and UVIC.

What are you top 3 business strengths?

1 Strategic planning for business growth for tech businesses
2 Sales Strategies and Tactics
3 Marketing and/or promotion

What are your reasons for wanting to become a mentor?

1 Give back to my community
2 Share my experiences and knowledge”