Kate Mukasa, Dow Imagery’s, Okanagan

Loan Client

From her childhood growing up in the suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa to her work with HIV positive women and former child soldiers in Uganda, it’s Kate Mukasa’s life experiences that make her business, Dow Imagery, stand out from the competition.

Mukasa’s love for photography really started a few years ago when she’d been working as an AV creative director for an NGO in Uganda. Every day the faces of the brave women and children fighting to rebuild their lives and their country, shattered from decades of war, would inspire her. During that time she developed a creative partnership with Ugandan photographer, Moses Waswa. It was that relationship that really helped Mukasa create a connection between her life experiences and her creativity.

“He saw something beautiful in everything he shot through his lens. It really inspired me to look at things more intently and not just see what’s on the surface,” says Mukasa.

Less than a year ago, Mukasa moved to the Okanagan and her life changed drastically from the one she had known in Uganda. She decided to take the lessons she’d learned from Waswa and follow her passion by starting Dow Imagery. It was an opportunity to turn her skills into a business.

“I enjoy the freedom and challenges that come with starting my own business,” admits Mukasa. “I’d say my greatest strength is my tenacity and strong will; I’m keen to try new opportunities and don’t think twice about grabbing them.”

That tenacity is what helped Mukasa overcome her first hurdle: how to finance the business so she could purchase costly photography equipment. Women's Enterprise Centre was the solution.

“They care about your business and treat you with respect and dignity. I never felt ashamed when asking for a loan, which was my experience when asking from another lender,” says Mukasa. “Women's Enterprise Centre is a wonderful resource for women. They gave me my first leg up and also made me feel empowered. I’m very grateful!”

Now in her fourth month of business, Mukasa has just completed four promotional videos for a luxury real estate development in Kelowna. Winning this contract was quite an accomplishment for a small business in a competitive industry.

Mukasa plans to keep growing Dow Imagery until she’s in a place where she can start to give back to the country where it all started. “When my business is blessed with success, I want to share that success by supporting Watato Childcare Ministries in Uganda. I believe strongly in the ability to give back and help others.”