Emily Chow, Chow Communications, Vancouver & Coquitlam


Sometimes, a few life changing events can open new doors of opportunity. When Emily Chow faced several debilitating health-related challenges, she turned to entrepreneurship to create more work-life-health balance. She launched Chow Communications, a Vancouver and Coquitlam-based boutique marketing agency. As a marketing consultant, speaker, and trainer, she specializes in helping business owners turn casual web visitors into committed buyers through strategic digital marketing tactics and traditional marketing tools.

Her business has evolved rapidly since inception. She started off doing small writing jobs and web design projects and quickly transitioned to working with small and medium-sized business owners as well as large corporate brands on marketing strategies designed help them build brand equity and generate high quality leads.

Chow is a firm believer in creating long term strategic plans for her clients. Her experience has taught her that resilience is the key to business survival and success. “There will be ups and there will be downs. You have to know how to celebrate your wins and how to get back up after a loss. Let your drivers for success be positive rather than negative.”

She knows firsthand the impact that a mentor can have on an entrepreneur’s success. “I had several really great supporters that I turned to for guidance in specific areas of my life and business. They helped me progress spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and in business.”

She is sharing her skills and knowledge as a mentor with Women’s Enterprise Centre. “I want to be able to help other women know that they can succeed and to share with them my own stories of failure and great success.”

“Being successful is about working smarter, not harder. And, that means learning how to do things right from others and, of course, how to pick yourself up if things don’t always go as planned. Give yourself permission to want all the things you never allowed yourself to want before. And, just go for it.”