Lee Foulds Andrews, Prince George


Photo of Lee AndrewsLee Foulds Andrews has been a lifelong learner. She has spent almost 30 years in the financial industry helping clients make informed financial decisions. Her experience included property insurance broker and a mortgage specialist. Her success in the financial sector has been largely due to her profound financial knowledge and the relationships she has built with her clients.

While working in the financial sector, she got very interested in health and nutrition. Currently, she is working on getting her certification to become a health coach.

Andrews knows first-hand the motivation and initiative that is required to become confident and successful. She is a firm believer in helping women explore and spot opportunities to succeed in life. “I am a big supporter of women entrepreneurs and love encouraging women in achieving their goals.”

As a Taking the stage® facilitator in Prince George, Andrews is looking forward to helping women become comfortable in spotlight and emerge as true leaders. “Taking the stage® helped me immensely in learning how to get my message across and have a strong belief in my ideas and myself.”