Jodi Scott, JODI SCOTT, Coldstream


Picture of Jodi ScottAn innovative entrepreneur, Jodi Scott has always felt that entrepreneurship is in her DNA. At nineteen she entered entrepreneurship as a freelance personal trainer and fitness instructor. A confirmed entrepreneur, she opened her first storefront business at twenty-one and later established a private practice in real estate. In 2010, she launched JODI SCOTT

As a Relationship Coach & Life Strategist, she combines healing, mind, body and energy science with practical life tools & proven strategies to help her clients. She works with individuals privately and in groups via phone, tele-seminars and online programs. A well-known keynote speaker, she has been featured in numerous articles in media in the Okanagan.

Her tenacious attitude has helped her find the key market for her business. “I have expanded more into the online world to accommodate larger audiences in my programs with more flexibility. While I still enjoy and facilitate in-person workshops, classes and retreats I also enjoy working with individuals globally in the virtual arena.” She advises other women entrepreneurs to seek a balance in their busy lives. “Structure your day, weeks and months to include a balance of time OUT of your business. You will return re-energized and much more effective and creative for having done so.”

Her mentor Martha Beck, PhD has been a guiding light in both her life and her business. “She continues to inspire my life and my business through her words and her example.” This has inspired her to mentor other women. “As a mentor I want to provide the environment for women entrepreneurs to gather, share their challenges, be supported and encouraged to keep following their dream of entrepreneurship.”