WE FOR SHE NextGen Leaders Program

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Help Create Gender Equality for the Next Generation

Based on the current pace, it will take over 200 years to achieve gender equality. But, working together, we can speed up progress!
Women's Enterprise Centre is proud to partner with Minerva on the WE FOR SHE NextGen Leaders Program for BC high schools.
The WE FOR SHE NextGen Leaders Program provides resources for high schools to implement mentoring programs and host leadership events for both young women and young men in grades 10-12.

Free for BC High Schools

Thanks to support from the Province of BC, the resources are offered at no cost to schools in each of BC's eight regions.

Two Programs for the 2017/18 School Year

1. FOR TEACHERS: Host Leadership Mentoring Sessions

Help girls and boys gain leadership skills and empower each other. Download lesson plans for 10 sessions on topics relevant to young women who are about to make bold decisions as they approach graduation.

2. FOR STUDENTS: Host Your Own WE FOR SHE Event

Everything you need to host a leadership and career conference at your school. Access a complete toolkit to host an inspirational conference and learn project management skills along the way.