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Get Your Idea to Market, to Market: There's a Government Program for That!

Monday, September 8, 10:00 –11:00 am (PST)

Want to learn more about how the government of Canada can help you commercialize your new innovation? Join Public Works and Government Services Canada’s Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Western Economic Diversification to learn more about the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) and the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative.

Join us for this FREE interactive phone-in session to get tips and advice from a panel of experts who work with small to medium enterprises.
• Tess Menges or Tara Hartley with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises
• Martin Sutherland, Director of Policy, Western Economic Diversification Canada

Submit us your questions, concerns, and challenges on this topic ahead of time. Then join us on September 8, by phone, from anywhere in BC, to get the information and answers from our panel of experts.

About the Build in Canada Innovation Program

Created to bolster innovation in Canada’s business sector, the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) helps companies bridge the pre-commercialization gap by procuring and testing late stage innovative goods and services within the federal government before taking them to market by:

• Awarding contracts to entrepreneurs with pre-commercial innovations through an open, transparent, competitive and fair procurement process.
• Testing and providing feedback to these entrepreneurs on the performance of their goods or services.
• Providing innovators with the opportunity to enter the marketplace with a successful application of their new goods and services.
• Providing information on how to do business with the Government of Canada.

The BCIP targets innovations in the following priority areas:
Standard Component: Environment, Safety and security, Health and Enabling technologies
Military Component: Command & Support, Cyber-Security, Protecting the Soldier, Arctic and Maritime Security , In-Service Support and Training Systems

About the Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative

WINN is a $100 million five-year federal initiative that offers repayable contributions for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with operations in Western Canada to move their new and innovative technologies from the later stages of research and development to the marketplace.

Through this initiative, Western Economic Diversification Canada will support our entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas from the work bench and into the marketplace.
Under WINN, eligible western Canadian SMEs can apply for funding to support a wide range of commercialization activities.
Objectives of WINN
• Commercialize innovative technology-based products, processes and services;
• Stimulate greater private sector investments in commercialization activities;
• Increase the number of jobs for highly qualified personnel in Western Canada; and
• Assist in industry growth.