Resources to Help You Succeed!

So you’ve come up with a brilliant business idea that’s sure to meet an untapped market’s needs, but now what? Our resources will help you get from point A to point B, so you can learn how to take that idea and build a business out of it!

Is Self-Employment for you?

Before you get started, take our Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment and learn about your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. This assessment will help you discover if you have the necessary skills to succeed in self-employment.

Business Resources

From business planning to business growth, and everything in between, we have resources to help! See what advice, tips, resource guides and worksheets are available to help get you on the path to entrepreneurship.

Youth Success Stories 

Need some inspiration? Learn how these young women took a simple idea and turned it into a business they can be proud of. These entrepreneurs understand better than anyone that running a business is risky, but with risk can come reward!

Youth Business Organizations

There is no lack of support for young entrepreneurs in British Columbia. See what other organizations have resources and programs to help you follow your passion for business.