Services for Youth

Support for Young Entrepreneurs!

Women’s Enterprise Centre understands better than anyone that being in business for yourself can feel exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  We’re here to help you learn to manage the risks and develop your business skills, so your venture into self-employment is more successful than it is scary!

Taking the Stage® for Youth

This exciting new program is available for business-minded youth who want to learn to step forward, develop their leadership presence, and discover how to better influence and inspire others.  Bursaries are available for women aged19-34 years old to participate at no cost.

This program will only be offered in 2010 and 2011, so apply today!  Click here to read more about Taking the Stage®.

Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program

In the first three years of business, building a strong foundation is critical and the learning curve is steep, so whether you’re looking for guidance, support, or answers to one of your many business questions, our FREE Mentoring Program can help! With three different mentoring formats to choose from, one of them is sure to be just right.

Find out more about the benefits of mentoring and apply to participate today!  Click here for more information