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Women's Enterprise Centre eNews is a business and information newsletter that goes out to over 6,500 BC-wide subscribers nine times per year. It includes articles for women owned businesses, events and information on Women’s Enterprise Centre business loans. Whether you're starting, growing, or purchasing a business, this eNewsletter is for you!

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Check out our past issues:

Fall - Back to School, Back to Business: Resource Roundup
May - Entrepreneurship: Ageless and Endless Opportunities
April - Get in the Decision-Making Mindset
March - Freshen Up Your Business – Do Some Spring Cleaning!
February - Sales Savvy - Do You Have It?
January - Did You Know It's National Mentoring Month?
November - The Soft Side of Business
October - What's the Score on YOUR Financial Score?

September - Go Global to Fuel Your Business Growth -The International Trade Issue

June - Generation Y: Who are They & How to Hook ‘Em? - The Millennial Issue
May  -  Reach Your Customers 24/7: The Online Marketing Issue
April - The Art of Bragging: The Self-promotion and Celebration Issue
March - How Do You Define Success? The Inspiration Issue
February - Do You Understand Your Numbers?: The Financial Literacy Issue
January - Is 2016 the Year You Start Your Business? The START-UP Issue
November/December - The TRADES and TECH Issue: Where Are the Women? Right Here!
October - It's Small Business Month: Nurture Your Business AND Yourself
September - Fighting FOR Each Other: The Champion Issue
June - Back to Basics: The Online Marketing Issue
May - A Puzzle Worth Solving: The HR Issue
April - Uncover Growth Opportunities: The SUPPLIER DIVERSITY Issue
March - The MARKETING Issue: Are You Getting the Desired Results?
February - The SOCIAL Issue: How Is Your Business Unfolding on Social Media?

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