Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Yelp … and the list goes on.
Have we forgotten how to have a real conversation? We are so ‘connected’, we are disconnected.

I understand that technology is a part of our lives but there are way too many people who ‘live’ in front of their monitors and phones with low or no live interaction. Is this you?

I just wonder if our relationships would benefit from hearing each other’s voices, meeting face to face and actually being present every now and again?

Women are great networkers. While I often experience this at networking events in the city, it’s really when I go on international trade missions that I see just how impressive our BC women business owners are. Attending the dual trade mission to Atlanta (Women in Business Summit) and Orlando (WBENC) this past June was a prime example.The energy and excitement of being surrounded by top-notch talented entrepreneurs was inspiring.

Have you thought of having a business newsletter but wondered if it would be worth your time and effort?  After all, small business owners have so much to do already… Is it worth it to add yet another item to your “To Do” list?  We think so.  

Here are five great reasons to consider a business newsletter: 

Decision-making - how we use the information our emotions provide to make decisions - is the fourth composite scale that contributes to emotional intelligence.

In my last blog, I examined the first emotional intelligence competency under this composite scale, Problem Solving.  Let’s continue with the second competency and discuss Reality Testing.

Reality testing is the act of "tuning in" to a moment or situation and looking at it objectively – as it truly is. It’s about keeping things in perspective by confirming our thoughts and ideas.

Ask yourself:

It’s a well-known, but dangerous maxim that entrepreneurs need to “wear all the hats.” Often the founder is the person who sweeps up and takes out the trash, especially in the start-up phase of a business. However, the goal of smart entrepreneurs is to spend as much time as possible operating in their own personal sweet spot of talents and passing on other duties.  Entrepreneurs who try to do everything alone and without support end up burned out and frustrated. In order to stay in the sweet spot we need to be able to do two things: delegate and access professional advice. Both tasks have unique challenges.

Have you ever noticed entrepreneurs are different? For example, take a look at the entrepreneurs on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den​. Whether the entrepreneurs have a strange or wonderful idea, they have one powerful characteristic in common.

They have the self-confidence to take action.

Think about it. Out of all the people who told you they had a great business idea, how many of them actually took action on their ideas? So what stops people from taking action? A lack of self-confidence.