Ask Mary Kay Ash or Oprah Winfrey. Or how about Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay? Successful women know the importance of having a mentor.

Choosing a mentor is one of the most important decisions you can make as an entrepreneur and business woman. A mentor should be . . .

► an expert within your particular field or profession

► an inspiration to you and the people around them

► someone whom you admire and can trust

► a leader in their community


In the middle of the day, when we’re just trying to get things done and keep our customers happy and our business running smoothly, it's hard to remember to tweet or post a Facebook status update. However, it's important to remember that social media is a valid and valuable part of your overall marketing plan.

What is work/life balance, and is it something that successful entrepreneurs can really attain? Is work/life balance something that we must sacrifice in the interests of business success, or vice versa?

You may be familiar with this scenario if you work in the consulting or services sectors: your revenue is strongly tied to the hours you work for your clients, so you have a strong incentive to work long hours and then fit in administration and marketing somewhere on the side.

One of the biggest frustrations of many entrepreneurs is the lack of time to perform all of the tasks that require doing. Between calling clients, shipping product, approving literature, creating invoices AND answering the phone - there is little time to do the things that got you fired up about your business in the first place.

When you first started your business, you invested money in marketing, right? You got a website, printed business cards, you attended networking events, and spent money on promotional material. Well, think of social media marketing as an investment of your time, not necessarily your money, because the good news is that most social media platforms are free to participate in.

It’s 2011, the New Year, and you’ve come back to your office to get a fresh start on organizing the operations of your small business. You walk in with good intentions, only to find a mountain of paperwork, unanswered e-mails, and your voicemail flashing angrily at you. Very disheartening