If you are planning to grow your company, now is the time to start exploring export opportunities in the European Union (EU). Recently the European Parliament gave its seal of approval of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). As Canada’s second largest trading partner, EU offers immense openings to Canadian companies.

The Internet is a bit like the Wild West. You need to take all the website security precautions to protect your new site from unauthorized intruders. Whenever a client approaches us with a web design project, website security is often at the top of their list of concerns. At KIMBO Design we have developed a multifaceted website security approach.

I recently had a client who wanted his website copy to sound less corporate. In my first draft, I used a story to illustrate his methods. It was still very corporate because his business is finance, but I also knew he wouldn’t want ‘nurturey’ (his term for how women do business). A draft later he had things back to his liking. He was happy.

That’s a story. Something happened. You have a reaction.

Stories work for many reasons but the big one is that we remember them better than we do a list. Being remembered is good for business. We know it could be several months before you get that first contact. Why not be the business that pops into the customer’s mind first?

When you are starting a business it’s important to understand the different ways that businesses can be structured and the advantages and disadvantages of each structure to help you determine which one best meets your individual circumstances.

Every business has digital marketing of some kind these days, and behind it is a lot of creative talent.

These are the web designers, writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, and musicians who can make your business communications look and sound great.

But if it’s your first go around, it’s a mystery how they work. First you have to find them. Happy to say, the best way is the oldest way - ask friends and colleagues. Someone you know will have used one. All you need is one name because, like networking, one lead offers another.

Once you’ve found one, get ready for two unique processes.

If you are a woman entrepreneur exploring your exporting options, now you can access unprecedented support to make connections with Fortune 500 companies in trade missions to the US. You may be eligible to receive funding for a portion of your travel expenses with the CanExport Grant.