You are selling  a great product or service but how good is  your customer service? Your customer care skills can bring great value and a competitive advantage to your business.

Ask yourself these three questions:

The first step to maximizing your LinkedIn presence is to fully complete your profile. LinkedIn will tell you how complete your profile is, and what you can do to add to it. Then it will rate your Profile Strength on the right hand side.

Additional things you can do to beef up your profile are:

  • Using a professional headshot – no photo means no activity!
  • Create an interesting title with keywords people might search for.
  • Add a background image (1400x425 px).

As a business owner in an ideal world: You attend a trade mission and walk away with a signed deal. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in an ideal world.

So what’s the real value of attending a trade mission?

Participating in a trade mission fits into the Market Research section of your Export Plan. A trade mission is not your export plan; it is one of the market research activities you will do in the process of determining what your export plan could be.

Attending a trade mission will provide you with:

Stress management is the final area that contributes to emotional intelligence. This is about how well we cope with change, the unfamiliar, and our daily challenges.

These competencies make up the stress management area of the model:

  • Flexibility
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Optimism

Let’s begin with the first competency under the Stress Management Composite, Flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to easily adapt when the situation is unfamiliar and unpredictable. Being flexible means you are able to deal with the emotions you are feeling when faced with change effectively and appropriately.

Your customers are more than just an account number. Want to stand out from the crowd? Here are 4 simple tips to create a great customer service experience for your clients.

1. Leave your office and visit customers in person

Nothing can compare to face2face meetings. It may be unrealistic for some of you to get out and meet all of your customers, but the ones that you do see, learn from them, listen to them and value them. This is not about sales but about building strong customer relationships.