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The Internet is a bit like the Wild West. You need to take all the website security precautions to protect your new site from unauthorized intruders. Whenever a client approaches us with a web design project, website security is often at the top of their list of concerns. At KIMBO Design we have developed a multifaceted website security approach.

WordPress Website Security

Our web development team has a handful of custom security tactics to ensure website security in areas often overlooked by WordPress developers. Below are a few:

Scramble the site’s source code. What this helps to achieve is generating a sense of confusion for potential intruders. When they look at the source code of your new site, they won’t be able to tell that it was created with WordPress. In fact, they won’t even recognize the code as any real programming language, because it won’t appear as one.

Make the WordPress backend entirely inaccessible to unauthorized users. WordPress websites coming ‘out of the box’ allow any minimally knowledgeable coder to gain online access to the login page for your WordPress backend. You are then at the mercy of their hacking skills. We prevent this by redirecting these access attempts to the website’s home page, unless you are an authorized user. This is a crucial step in WordPress website security, but it often goes overlooked, leaving your site vulnerable.

Utilize external website security resources. Consumers are always wary of sharing personal information online, and they want reassurance that their data won’t be made available to outsiders. To alleviate these fears, we install SSL Certificates on our sites. This ensures that all information being sent to and from the site is encrypted, keeping personal data safe.

Internal hosting. we prefer to host our clients’ sites once we have finished developing them. Hosting internally means that our expert web developers can monitor activity on the site, so that anything suspicious can be handled immediately. This is especially important for ‘brute force’ attacks, where intruders attempt to gain access by trying every password possibility.

Website Maintenance. By committing to a thoughtful maintenance approach, your site will retain its integrity and effectiveness longer, which means fewer redesigns, and more savings. Ensure all plugins and licensing agreements, are always updated to the latest version. Make comprehensive backups of your site, in case of emergency, so that the site can be back online as soon as possible.

By combining all of these website security techniques, you can gain peace of mind.

Kim Pickett is the Principal and Creative Director of KIMBO Design Inc., an award-winning design firm in Vancouver, B.C. She was ranked No. 86 on the W100 list of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs in 2015, and has been featured in Applied Arts Magazine, Business in Vancouver, and the Westender, and on Roundhouse Radio and TELUS Talks Business. Kim was profiled as a “Game Changer” by Arlene Dickinson’s She holds a Certified Graphic Designer (CGD) designation from The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, and graduated with honours from Canada’s leading design program at York University and Sheridan College. KIMBO Design was ranked 5th biggest graphic design firm in B.C. by Business in Vancouver Newspaper in 2016



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