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Over the past months, we have now gone through the 5 composite scales, and 15 emotional intelligence competencies that contribute to your EQ score. This final scale, while not contributing to the total emotional intelligence score as a whole, does contribute to your overall well-being. Happiness includes feelings of satisfaction, contentment and the ability to enjoy the many aspects of life. 

There are four competencies that are most often associated with happiness. They are:

• Self regard
- Having self-respect and knowing who you are, is a great foundation to a happier life.
• Optimism
- If you block out pessimistic views on life, happiness is guaranteed.
• Interpersonal relationships
- Whether it is personal or professional relationships, they have a huge impact on a person’s happiness.
• Self actualization
- Realizing who you are, your limitations, and your strengths, will help you realize what YOU need/want to become and stay happy.

So this begs the question, are you a happy person? Well that is a complex question that can’t be simply answered. So I have come up with a checklist, which outlines some of the elements that make up a happy person.

  • I don’t sweat the small things in life
  • I have a “glass is half full” mentality
  • I see challenges in life as an opportunity
  • I make time for myself
  • I rarely hold grudges
  • I make it a point to have meaningful relationships with others

Now, after reading checklist, you may realize that your happiness could improve. Don’t worry we all have room for improvement. While happiness is 60% genetics, you are in charge of 40% of your own happiness, which is huge! I have come up with little things that can be done everyday to improve your happiness and over all well-being:

  • Figure out what makes you unhappy. Is it your job? Your relationships? Your health? There are so many things that can contribute to one’s happiness, and often times they are ignored. If you are unhappy at your job, don’t just settle; find one that makes you want to succeed.
  • Live in the present: Don’t worry about what is going to happen tomorrow or even 5 minutes from now, take in what is happening right now and enjoy the moment!
  • Stop worrying about things out of your control, and start thinking about how you will respond – because that is something you can control.
  • Focus on your individual strengths and stop worrying about your weaknesses. It is common for people to try and improve a skill they struggle with, but you should also focus on, and play to, your strengths.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others! - I hate to break it to you but you will never be Angelina Jolie, because you are you, and that is enough! Once you stop comparing yourself to other people and find happiness within yourself, your confidence will be unbreakable.
  • Be Authentic – Just like you need to stop comparing yourself to others, it is also important to be yourself. It is easy when you are in social situations to speak and act in different ways because you want to come off a certain way. Remember, being authentic and showing your true self will resonate with more people than it will when you are being something your not.
  • Find your passion- Outside of your work life figure out what you love to do and do it, it’s that simple! Ever since I found my passion for dance I have become increasingly happier with every class.

If this post has you curious and you’d like to learn more, watch my video on leading with emotional intelligence (training program available in both face-to-face and online delivery formats).

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Carolyn Stern specializes in helping professional women get unstuck, maximize their potential and achieve more. She is a successful entrepreneur, self-development professional, author, university professor, corporate trainer and coach, as well as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator/Instructor. Her focus and passion has been on integrating emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal development to empower women to have the determination and courage to get out of their own way, to live the life they have always wanted to, and to be the best version of themselves. Carolyn is a popular guest speaker at national and international seminars, conferences and retreats. Feel free to visit her at http://www.carolynstern.com or check out her latest blog at http://www.carolynstern.com/blog/.



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