By admin|January 11, 2017|Category: General

As an entrepreneur, you have probably started 2017 with a list of business resolutions. Think about last year. Did your 2016 resolutions make it past the first 3 months?

This year, don’t make resolutions. Instead, set 3 realistic goals such as:

Refining your marketing: Concentrate on your best potential customers and deliver a clear, consistent and appealing message that improves your "batting average". Develop a better understanding of your customers and how to effectively reach them.

Understanding financing: Understand basic financial principles that must be applied to your business to improve your bottom line. Even if you use a bookkeeper and/or accountant, it is imperative that you understand the financial side of your business.

Leveraging social media: Keep up with the latest trends in social media. It can help your business immensely if you employ the right tools.

The tip to being successful is to keep your goals measurable and put them in writing. Revisit them to find out your progress.

A carefully thought-out set of goals provides clear direction in your business and helps business growth from a tactical perspective.



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