You’ve got a good lead but you’re not sure your call will be welcome. You’ve decided to sort your files, put on a pot of coffee or worst yet, clean the bathroom just to put off calling.

Yup! You’ve got Call Reluctance and it’s a common affliction.

Over 80% of sales people report the experience of call reluctance that nearly ended their careers..

So, what causes this?

1. Fear of Self-promotion

You know you have a great product/service but you don’t want to be perceived as someone who thinks too highly of herself. Think again! It’s ok if the light of your product reflects on you. in fact, it’s essential!

When crafting a message about your product or service, it can be difficult to approach it from your customer’s perspective. You might get stuck in the 'features' –  talking about yourself – rather than expressing the benefits of your product – the positive outcomes for your customer.

This shift from talking about the features of your product to talking about its benefits is called laddering – and parents do it all the time.

If you think you’re talking about yourself, ask “why?” like a three-year-old until you get to the ultimate benefit. This is the message at the top of the ladder.

Here’s an example you may deal with every morning:

I recently had a client who wanted his website copy to sound less corporate. In my first draft, I used a story to illustrate his methods. It was still very corporate because his business is finance, but I also knew he wouldn’t want ‘nurturey’ (his term for how women do business). A draft later he had things back to his liking. He was happy.

That’s a story. Something happened. You have a reaction.

Stories work for many reasons but the big one is that we remember them better than we do a list. Being remembered is good for business. We know it could be several months before you get that first contact. Why not be the business that pops into the customer’s mind first?

When you just start building your business brand, you are never sure if anyone is even noticing you. Then one day, you open your email …

Dear Cathy, we’ve never met but twice during this morning I was given your name as someone I had to talk to. My friend saw you speak at an event a few months ago, and the other person attended a Board of Trade event just recently where they met you.

Please don’t think it’s creepy but I googled you, saw your LinkedIn profile and decided to get in touch with you.”

Yup. It really happened and when it did that first time, I was doing the ‘yippy skippy’ dance – and then I went to the ‘dark side’.

This holiday season make your business shine a bit brighter.

During any time of the year that business is a bit slower paced, you have plenty of opportunities to make an impression with a “Stop & Drop”.
It’s this in a nutshell: you “Stop” in on a client or a prospect unexpectedly to say hello, “Drop” a card or small gift and leave. It’s easy to do, it gives you the opportunity to say ‘hi’ face to face and builds relationships.

You are selling  a great product or service but how good is  your customer service? Your customer care skills can bring great value and a competitive advantage to your business.

Ask yourself these three questions:

Lots of us Gen Y’ers are more comfortable engaging through technology than face-to-face, so the thought of walking into a room and talking to strangers can be overwhelming. Sometimes the demands of our jobs/business include attending live events, so you just have to do it!
Show up

As the holiday season approaches, marketing to your existing customers is your #1 priority. Focusing on new customers needs to be secondary and only if your marketing budget allows for both.

So what is one of the best approaches over the holiday season?

Email marketing.

That’s right, email marketing is not dead. In fact  it is a powerful tool if done properly.

If you have an email database and you email your customers at least once a month, it is a good starting place.

Here is a solid and proven strategy. I know because I have been testing it in my business and am seeing results.

Start with a Theme

What big event or offer do you want your customers to get juiced up about?

Along with video training, I also lead a workshop on “How To Write And Deliver a 30 second Business Pitch That Will Knock The Socks Off Your Customer.”

Here’s how it looks.

I stand in front of a group of 25 women sitting in chairs and say, “Alright! One by one, please stand up and give us your business pitch!”

Here’s how it sounds.

Low guttural groans of pain. High whines. “Do we really HAVE to?”

This gobsmacks me. The opportunity to tell 25 women about you and your business is a gift! Free marketing! What an honour to share how you make a difference in the world.

I get this question a lot and the answer is always “it depends.”

The best way to share any content, no matter what media type, is to keep the original source link with the content.

It’s all about promoting someone else’s content and showing yourself or your brand as an expert curator on a topic, rather than claiming that content as your own. The benefit is two-fold: you save time by using images that already exist, and you demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse in your arena.

Here are 3 ways to legally share content for your brand: