February 2016

Depending on the stage your business is in, different types of financing are available. As your business moves along the lifecycle from start-up to a mature business, your risk to a lender or investor generally decreases and you have more options for financing. If you’re considering different sources of financing for your business, make sure you match your stage of business with the right colour of money.

Green Money

At the Concept/Seed stage and the Start-up stage, you are considered high risk to lenders, and chances are you’re not eligible for bank financing. Green money, or ‘patient’ money, is likely your best bet at this stage and may come from sources such as:

A song, a dance and inspiring personal stories! Stories of turning weaknesses into strengths, getting empowered, setting audacious goals, and overcoming barriers to reach those goals. This was my experience when I recently attended PowHERtalks in Vancouver, a well-attended event that featured women who spoke on a wide range of topics including leadership, business, sports, arts, community building, physical and emotional wellness.

Interpersonal is the third area that contributes to emotional intelligence. This is about how we interact with others. Here, we examine our social graces.

These competencies make up the interpersonal area of the EQ model:

  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Empathy
  • Social responsibility

Let’s begin with the first competency under the Interpersonal Composite and discuss Interpersonal Relationships.

Interpersonal relationships can pertain to every relationship in your life; it can be a more personal relationship, like marriage, or a less intimate relationship, like co-workers. It is based on the amount of connection you have with another person.

If you have been thinking about growing your business in the US, now could be your time!

With a strong US dollar, a new export development grant and a number of valuable matchmaking events and conferences coming up, 2016 could be your year to access new markets in the US.

Here are 3 ways you can grow your business this year:

1. Cover Your Export Development Expenses with the CanExport Grant

The Government of Canada has announced CanExport, a program that provides direct financial assistance to businesses wanting to export to new markets.

It can be daunting to stare at a lens since it can seem like an emotionless eyeball, unblinking, waiting for you. Perhaps it conjures an image that you fear - an ambivalent audience. After all, how can we perform without connection? I think this fear and the lack of connection is what can trip people up when doing video. As with everything else, we need to turn fear to love. The camera - and the waiting audience - loves you. The lens is your most patient ally; it will wait until you get it right.