March 2015

Whether you're pitching to a small group or delivering a presentation to a large audience, public speaking is an important business skill. While there are many steps to delivering an effective presentation, always begin with the fundamentals: Public Speaking A-B-Cs

A. AUDIENCE - Who are you speaking to?

When preparing a presentation, don't concern yourself more with the content than the audience, otherwise you'll end up delivering a one-size-fits-all lecture: better known as a 'data-dump'. The best way to avoid this is to recognize that a presentation is never about the speaker. It's always about the audience and the benefit your message has to them.

One of the marketing strategies that saves you time and money is to build your team of marketing champions to do the selling for you. Champions are an educated, unpaid marketing force that screen potential prospects and introduce them to you. They will qualify the right prospects, and screen out those that won’t fit your business model.

What makes you different and memorable? What makes people want to do business with you? Your hook is what will make you stand up and stand out from all the others.

Your hook is all about:

– Being memorable
– Being valuable
– Being unique

What makes you unique? List the qualities that you feel encompass one or all of those three areas. Is it public speaking, marketing, writing …create your list. Whether natural or learned, any of these characteristics could be your ‘hook.

So you’ve started your accounts and are building your followership. You know how to use the tools, but want to take it to the next level. Here are some more intermediate steps you can take to get closer to your ideal customer or client through social media.