July 2014

You know good writing when you find yourself reading about something you thought was boring (dinosaurs are my test). Real engagement can do that. And what’s a blog for but to engage clients and colleagues? But how to do with panache and still sound professional?

#1. Be an Exhibitionist
Give us a piece of yourself. We tend to be formal or resort to industry speak when we write. Loosen up and enjoy being read. Writing is a kind of performance.

Cash flow planning is an integral part of business sustainability. Much like the heart in our body, we can’t live without it. Cash flow is the heart of a business; we can’t stay in business without cash flow coming in regularly.

What is cash flow planning? Let me begin by providing you with few helpful tips and some important questions that need to be answered:

If your filing system isn’t fast, functional, and fun, you will resist the whole process. David Allen, Getting Started

There’s nothing more exciting than launching your new website. You want it to reach far and wide (the SEO part), but far doesn’t matter if no one sticks around to read it. Writing is hard but nothing will help you understand yourself and your business better. Here’s five tips to ensure that your prospective clients get to know you as well.

Why should I track my time and what software will help me do that?

As a business owner, your days are full and there never seems to be enough time. Spending some of that precious time tracking what you did in a day may seem like a luxury you can’t afford. And really, why bother? You know pretty much what you do each day…right?

Well, probably not. Tracking your work will give you better information over time, which will help you make better decisions.

Here are just some of the reasons to track your time: