April 2014

The practice of Public Relations is ever-changing. With the rise of more tools comes more possibility for getting your company out there. If you plan out your PR efforts with a strategy, you’re more likely to be set up for success than fly by the seat of your pants.

Every strategy needs a goal, a target you are aiming for. Make it specific. Social media fans? Exceeding last quarter’s sales by a percentage? Getting a feature in a specific publication without paying for it? The goal will determine what PR tools will help you reach it.

A quality first impression can make the difference between being a successful business person and being business person who isn’t in business for too long. It isn’t fair that people form an instant impression of us before taking the time to get to know us – but it is what humans do. People do it to us and we do it to others.

If you have a potential new client and need to make a grand first impression, here are steps you can take:

Look professional

In continuation of my earlier blog on “How to protect your business from fake trademark infringement and “domain slamming” scams,” below are some key suggestions:

How to protect yourself

If you don’t recognize the sender, then most likely the notice you have received is a scam to entice you into buying domain names through them. Run a search on the company and determine if it even exists, but don’t click on the links in their email.