November 2013

As your work day begins, thoughts of productivity swirl with tasks to complete, projects to explore and people to contact.

All good intentions until your eyes gaze down upon distractions with clutter brimming all over your desk. A mishmash of pens, highlighters, staplers, hole punches, receipts, papers, magazines, files and notes scribbled on an assortment of stationery strewn in piles. As well the perimeter of your desk is compromised by the invasion of toys, sewing materials, clothing, an octopus of cables, dusty antiquated electronics, recipe books and an endless supply of photos accompanied with empty photo albums. Not exactly the most desirable place of productivity.

1. Understand what business you are really in

Knowing what business are you actually in, is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Being an exceptional technician at what you sell (products or services) will not guarantee success. But knowing how to articulate why your market should care about what you sell, will. Now imagine if you could be an exceptional technician and an exceptional business developer?

The million dollar question that I get asked almost daily is: “How can I start ranking higher on Google?”

Google is actually very specific about what it wants from business owners: the consistent creation of highly relevant and interesting multimedia content that can be quickly and easily indexed for ranking purposes.

Here are my top 3 tips for what you can do online to finally get noticed – and ranked – by Google:

In continuation of my earlier blog on some key resources for small businesses in BC, below are a few more important ones:

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
An advocacy group for small businesses on topics such as taxation and reducing regulatory burdens on business. There are more than 109,000 member businesses across the country. Members can participate in "privilege programs" with reduced costs for administrative and support services.

National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program