August 2013

I hear from small businesses that they don't have time to engage on social media. Many executives of large companies don't participate at all, leaving social interactions to junior staff in their marketing department, often citing lack of time or know-how as main reasons for their avoidance.

However, it's important for leaders to take part in social media, whether you own a small business or run a large corporation.

Here are some of my favourite social media tools that help me save time.

Several shifts have been happening in the field of public relations in the last decade, which are so apparent now that there is no excuse not to know or accept what is being done differently.

The first is with the decrease in content length. Gone are the days of 5-10 page news releases. Avoid the release format altogether whenever possible, and if you must do a news release, ensure it is no longer than one page. Post it online and send the link to the release instead, or include it at the end of a short e-mail pitch.

If you are struggling to organize your documents, explore colour code to streamline your office filing system. We recognize objects more quickly when they are associated with colour. Below are a few suggestions on how to use different types of colour code systems:

Colour by letter – Alphabetical Filing System

This is the most commonly used filing system. The main reason is the familiarity and comfort level. We all know our ABC’s. The most common files sorted alphabetically are by client, surname or business. Medical files use this method extensively.

Colour by number – Numeric Filing System