May 2013

The process to organize your office is to first identify what is important and then prioritize into categories. There are 5 process categories to organize your office. They are recycle, shred, current, reference and historical.

Recycle and Shred Process

Begin by making a decision to keep it, recycle it, or shred it for all your documents. Ease into the process by dividing into two piles. One pile is for your recycling material, the other is for shredding confidential material.

Recycle material is all your generic information for example newspapers, magazines, vouchers, advertisement flyers, anything considered safe for public viewing. Magazine and newspapers can also be donated to interest groups.

We all have them. Call them goals, dreams, aspirations - but you just can’t seem to achieve them.  Why does it seem so hard? Especially with being so plugged into social media, you hear all these success stories and incredible achievements.  You feel like you’re the only one not doing it. Not true.

It’s not about being lucky or special or whatever. It’s about creating a logical plan and then doing it!

There are four simple reasons why people fail when it comes to achieving their goals:

Many big corporations support diversity in their supply chain. This means that these companies encourage procurement of their supplies from minority or women-owned businesses. Supplier Diversity opens a door of opportunity for women entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. Getting certified as a Woman Business Owner, or, WBE (pronounced Wee-Bee) is the first step in this process and can connect you to new supply chains. WEConnect Canada certifies women-owned businesses in Canada.

How do you access corporations once you are certified?

Small businesses don't have the budget or luxury to buy expensive licenses for all the tools and software they need. With that in mind, here are 10 free productivity tools and software. Some are available through open source, GNU general public license or beta versions and others have offered a "freemium" model that offers users a free version, and upgrades as their needs and budgets grow.

Google Alerts-( you in the loop on information relevant to your business. Simply enter keywords or terms you want to track and Google will email you the latest relevant news about that topic.

My last blog Coffee is Good For Business! shared 3 benefits of scheduling coffee meetings each week. Here are 5 Points to keep your coffee meetings casual but controllable.

Purpose - before you make that invite, determine why you want to have coffee with that person. Is it just to reconnect? Are they a potential client? Is it purely social or do you have an interest in what they have to offer? Make a short list of topics or points that you want to touch on.

Precise - be specific in your invitation. Busy people like details so they can tell at a glance whether they can fit it into their schedule.