March 2013

We have all come across business names that make us cringe and scratch our heads. A business name serves as first impression. Professional naming companies charge big bucks for a reason. A good and appropriate name inspires trust, intrigue and a desire to do business. On the other hand, a poorly chosen name triggers negative emotions such as confusion and violation.

The Entrepreneur Magazine published a few naming rule of thumbs:

So you want to elevate your business but you are not sure where to start. How do you move your business to the next level? Before you take the next big step, you need to answer a few questions. What does it mean for you? Is it more revenue and profit, or more employees for growing a team? Perhaps you’re looking to expand to a different city or add new products or services.

Do you love sales as much as I do? I’ll bet you do. That is to say you love getting the sales. However asking for the sale is something many business owners shy away from, feeling nervous and uncomfortable asking the question “Are we going ahead with the order” or “shall I wrap that up for you”.

Many business owners lose their domain and website to people they thought were trustworthy rather than to an outside hacker. A common story here is a dispute with a web designer who the company owner hired or a fired employee. Essentially, the relationship goes sour and the domain name’s registration and access to the website and email go along with the fired designer or employee.
Here are ways to protect your intellectual property.

Register your domain and hosting plan yourself.