December 2012

In the fall of 2008, many business owners, large and small, experienced a shift in their business. That shift was a decline in revenues.

For micro-business and small-business owners, there have been pros and cons since this roller coaster of economic change ebbed and flowed over the past four years. When a business is small, it can make dramatic changes and adapt to what is happening in the marketplace more quickly than their larger competitors.

Along with the festive stresses of the holiday season, for many business owners this time of year means fiscal year end, another year in business is coming to a close.

Reflecting on this milestone is a great confidence builder. How are you celebrating the end of the year in your business? What are you personally taking away as your contribution to that celebration?

Take some time this month to reflect on the following questions:

Looking back, what did I want 2012 to be about for my business?

Write down three words that represent your answer:

Every year companies have holiday office parties and every year someone will become the ‘talk of the town’ but not for the best reasons! Here are the answers to 5 key questions to ask yourself BEFORE you attend that next holiday get together.

1. Do I have to go?
Just being there is 80 percent of success. Consider the office party as an extension of your job.

2. What should I wear?
If the event is after work and the invitation does not indicate otherwise, business attire is appropriate. If the party is in the evening or weekend, check with your host. What you wear should reflect well on you professionally.

3. How long should I stay?