August 2012

Jack is a self employed contractor who works on average 60 hours, 6 days a week traveling from one job site to the next. His wife Jill also has her own small business as a graphic designer. Jack and Jill share the same home office space which is also headquarters for all their household accounts. Jack and Jill have the added responsibility of a young family. For convenience plus saving on childcare cost, Jill works from their home office. Her day consists of taking care of her business in addition to the children’s needs.

The Scenario

Social Media is something that almost everyone knows a little bit about. The trouble is a little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Especially when your business reputation is at stake! This list is designed to give you a few things to think about next time you log onto facebook or get the urge to ‘tweet’ your thoughts to the world.

In business, a strong mentor is invaluable. Mentors come in many forms - family friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. A colleague of mine was recently accepted into a well-known global mentorship program , in which entrepreneurs are mentored by a team of experienced and successful business owners. I spent some time reading about their structure and I found that the Program is built on a collection traits that are found at the core of almost every successful company and that can be easily integrated into any usiness mentorship. A few examples:

The business name is registered; the logo has been designed and the business cards and brochures are printed. Check

A list of all the networking events around town have been entered and scheduled into the calendar. Check

Your business plan has been carefully crafted . Check

Due diligence has been done and the target market demographics and statistics have been taken into consideration to develop a marketing strategy/plan. Check - no, wait - what?

There are some very fundamental steps to do BEFORE you start marketing if it’s going to be effective.

The Key That Opens The Door To Marketing Success? A Marketing Plan!

I’ve been wearing contact lenses for 39 years and just this week,made an interesting discovery. Contact lenses (at least my brand) have a tiny stamp on each one to help me know if I’ve put them on inside out! The tiny letters “OK” can only be seen when I rest the lens on my finger and hold it up to the light.

It made me wonder… what if I looked through these lenses with a new perspective that everything IS OK? I’m not talking rose- coloured glasses, nor complacency, but more a perspective of appreciation. What if a business owner spent one whole day – with this perspective? Would it be delusional? Irresponsible? Maybe not.