April 2012

You’re in front of a camera.
The red recording light goes on.

Do you feel confident delivering your message?
Are you engaging and dynamic on video?

Or are you stiff and nervous, fumbling over your words?

As an entrepreneur and CEO, you ARE the best spokesperson for your business - so how much training have you invested in yourself?

A tidal wave of web video is coming down the pipe. Cisco Systems predicts in less than 3 years, more than 90% of the data online will be VIDEO.

Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Or have you been thinking of using it but haven’t got around to it yet?

LinkedIn is essential for all B2B businesses but can also be very effective for B2C businesses. The approach for B2C will be different, but can be equally effective when you utilize LinkedIn’s groups that have members within your target market. To learn more about B2B vs. B2C click here.

Problem solving is a key skill that can make a huge difference to your business. Whether resolving a problem between you and your client, you and your employees, or you and your union, three things need to exist:

1.Shared goals: The thing about shared goals is that you have to walk the talk. In good problem resolution, before trying to solve the problem, take the time to define what the problem is in detail. Ask “Why” over and over until you can’t go any deeper. If you don’t work on the roots of a problem, any resolution is merely temporary.

Do you have an amazing deal to offer your clients/customers?

Everybody wants to get a deal. Getting a deal gives you bragging rights, “Hey, did you hear about the great deal I got?”