November 2011

As a Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, I have spoken at many functions. The one thing I have consistently noted, especially in business conferences and sales organizations - almost without exception the top business/sales people are seated at or very close to the front, depending on their vision and the angle of the seats.

Those people who already "know it all" or feel that they do, or those people who think "I've heard it all before," will invariably arrive late or at the last moment. They’ll take those seats at the back and are also the ones most likely to squirm in their seats, leave early or talk to the person next to them.

Imagine going into a networking event, dropping off your business cards on the table and then walking out. Who would do that?

So why do that on Twitter?

I see many businesses on Twitter posting what they have for sale and retweeting what other people have said but not actually engaging and then wondering why no one is speaking to them on Twitter.

Here are some tips to get conversations flowing:

The most successful marketing strategies begin with the customer in mind. You want to put yourself in her shoes so that you can feel what she is feeling; experience her thoughts including why she needs your product and service, and what might be standing in her way of making the purchase. So how do you get into her shoes?

Stop selling your products and service. Sell the benefits instead. Your client doesn’t buy your service because she likes you (that’s a competitive advantage). She buys your service because it fulfills a need that she has.

“Over 650,000 British Columbians are 65 or older, and the post-war baby boomer generation began to turn 65 in 2011. This vibrant group not only has a lot of purchasing power but also has the time to shop.” Age-friendly British Columbia.

65 is the new 45
I live in White Rock. At 48, I am considered a ‘youngster’. The Baby Boomers I see every day at the mall, walking the promenade, and having meals at the beach don’t look anything like my parents generation.

Are you confused about how to make Twitter work for your business? Here are 4 tips to get you started: