December 2010

Many of us at one time or another, have had to step up and make that presentation to our clients, our prospects or colleagues. I know, you’d rather be six feet under than stand at the front of the room! Well, take heart - it’s not as bad as you think!

Here are three simple presentation tips that will put you at ease, engage your audience and improve your sales.

The holiday season is upon us, so we’re making our lists, checking them twice, and then getting online with Google to find our shopping destinations. If your potential customers are also going online to figure out where to find the perfect gift, making sure they see your website is crucial to your sales. This simple tip just might do the trick.

If you think about the flow of information in your office - emails, phone messages, documents, etc.  it really is like a circulatory system for your business. A steady stream of communication at a continuous pace, physically, visually and verbally is the main artery for your operation and will lead to a healthy business. But if those arteries get clogged-up with disorganization, sooner or later you’re going to have a crisis on your hands!

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably aware that being part of social media is no longer a choice, but a necessity. So, before you jump in, it’s important to figure out which is the best social media outlet for you to reach your target market. Most people probably feel like they need to be on multiple social media channels, but to do all of them at once, especially if you are just starting out, can be really overwhelming. Take a look through my top five methods of promoting your business through social media and choose the one that’s right for your business.